Suppose you were a company that has recently launched or is planning to launch a new product or service. This time, however, you are aiming not just at the local market but also at foreign ones as you have realised what huge benefits can be reaped from doing business globally. Therefore, for the purposes of your marketing campaign you use the services of a copywriter, whose task is to create original linguistic content. This content in its turn is supposed to cause a certain response from a specific consumer group. You have it translated. Everything seems to be going as planned until you realise that your marketing campaign was remarkably successful in one country, passing in another and a total flop in others. More often than not, it is the copywriter who ends up in the firing line. The culprit, however, is to be looked for somewhere else – the lack of transcreation.

Transcreation involves translation but is much more than that. In fact, the word transcreation comes from translation and creation. It means reproducing or rewriting original marketing content in the language of the target market. A transcreator (a transcreation specialist) has to capture and convey the intended message, tone of voice, style and persuasiveness. Thus, the new linguistic content generates the same response from your foreign audience as it does from local consumers.

Transcreation is necessary due to the considerable cultural and linguistic differences that exist among people across the globe. That is why particular marketing content, for example, might be effective in the UK or the USA but if left unadapted, it has only slim chances of appealing to buyers in the Middle or Far East. In order to prosper in foreign markets, you need to adjust your marketing content to your prospective audience’s worldview, values and tastes. Conventional translation would not be of much use in this case as it fails to achieve the goals of the original content.

why choose us?

Lynx Translations Ltd. always strives to offer its clients the best quality. Therefore, we take exceptional care when deciding on who to work with. We would be delighted to discuss the specifics of your marketing campaign, your goals, requirements and expectations. Then we are going to choose the transcreator best suited to the needs of your campaign.

Our transcreators and copywriters are native speakers of the target language (it is their mother tongue).

Our transcreators and copywriters live and work in the country whose market you are targeting.

Our transcreators and copywriters are familiar with the culture, values, fashions, tastes, attitudes and behaviour of consumers in the particular target market.

Our transcreators and copywriters are experienced in the field of marketing, transcreation and copywriting.