Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Technical Translation

The term denotes the translation of any text connected with the production, import, export, marketing, use and application of technology as well as natural sciences research. It is a broad field of study encompassing engineering, mechanics, light and heavy industries, the automotive industry, telecommunications, information technology, construction, architecture, energy and electricity production and many others.

The most common technical texts are: user manuals, instructions, patents, tender documentation, advertising and marketing materials, training materials, labels, etc.

Who needs technical translation and why?

Technical translation services are most often sought after by companies which manufacture, import, export or trade with technological products as well as academic institutions carrying out research in the field of science and technology.

If you fit the description above and are trying to reach more markets and clients, then chances are you need technical translation services.

why choose us?

We work closely with experienced linguists and consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the different areas of science and technology.

We use the latest QA and computer-aided translation tools, thus improving quality and cutting turnaround times and expenses necessary for the implementation of your translation project.

We work with translation memories and terminology management systems, which conduces to the terminological consistency of your translations.

We have a quality management system in place which ensures that our translation services meet the highest standards for the industry.

We take an individual approach to every client and project in order to live up to all your expectations and meet the specific requirements for your translation project.