Lynx Translations Ltd. at a Conference Organised by EU Directorate-General for Translation

Lynx Translations Ltd. CEO Rossen Assenov and Head of Marketing and Sales Iva Tsvetkova attended a conference organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation. The event was held on 30 November in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was entitled “10 Years in the EU: Current Trends in Terminology Management, Administrative and Media Bulgarian Language” (10 години в ЕС: Актуални тенденции в терминологията, административния и медийния български език).


The presenters were notable figures from top Bulgarian universities as well as long-time DGT staff members.


Associate Professor Elena Tarasheva giving a talk on news releases as a separate textual genre


The presenters discussed a number of important and exciting topics such as the nature of institutional translation, translation of EU directives, political media discourse, populist rhetoric, aspects of terminology management and many others.

The Directorate-General for Translation aims to foster dialogue and relations between various translation stakeholders: from universities offering EMT (European Master’s in Translation) programmes and translation students to language service providers, national language institutes and independent professionals such as freelance translators, terminologists, etc.

By participating in such events, Lynx Translations Ltd. affirms its commitment and mission to keep abreast of the latest trends, breakthroughs and best practices in the language industry, to create meaningful partnerships with experts, experienced linguists, academic institutions and various other stakeholders.


The certificates we received for attending the event