Proofreading and QA


Proofreading and QA


Proofreading and QA

Proofreading and QA are the final stages of the whole translation process. We go through them to identify, address and correct mistakes made by the linguist(s) or author(s). Mistakes may concern: meaning, style, grammar, lexis, spelling and punctuation. A text may also have layout and terminology issues, e.g. when a different font size has been used or when the client’s glossary and instructions have not been followed.

Proofreading and QA are vital for a translation or copywriting job and it is imperative that they be performed by a different linguist. Thus, we ensure that no errors go unnoticed.

Proofreading and QA are also done with machine translation (software-generated translation). This is what we call post-editing. Therefore, if you have received machine translation from another translation agency or if you are a translation agency that offers machine translation, Lynx Translations Ltd. can help.

Why choose us

Lynx Translations Ltd. work closely with experienced proofreaders, editors, QA specialists and consultants who have in-depth knowledge of various areas.

Lynx Translations Ltd. use the latest QA and computer-aided translation tools, thus cutting the turnaround times and expenses necessary for the proofreading of your translation.

Lynx Translations Ltd. work with translation memories and terminology management systems, which conduces to the terminological consistency of your translations.

Lynx Translations Ltd. offer customised individual approach to every single client and every single project, which ensures the desired outcome of your translation or localisation project is achieved.