Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Translation of medical texts covers different areas of medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, healthcare, the production, sale and exploitation of medical equipment. Various document types are subsumed under that heading: patient leaflets, summaries of product characteristics, captions and texts on packaging, discharge summaries, medical history documents, medical equipment user manuals, clinical trial reports, clinical protocols, tender documents, marketing authorisation applications, declarations of conformity, etc.

Who needs medical translation and why?

Orders for medical translation are most often placed by pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals, medical laboratories and healthcare institutions.

They need translation as it contributes to their expansion to foreign markets and customers, to higher sales of medicinal products and medical devices. This, in turn, helps people in different corners of the world enjoy a better health status, longer life expectancy and quality of life.

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Why choose us?

We work closely with experienced linguists and consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the various fields of medicine and pharmacy.

We use the latest computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, thus cutting the time and expenses necessary for the translation of your project.

We work with translation memories and terminology management systems, which conduces to the terminological consistency of your translations.

We have developed a quality management system to ensure that translation projects meet our clients’ highest standards.

We take a customised approach to every single client and project in order to fulfil your specific expectations.