Economic and Financial Translation


Economic and Financial Translation


Economic and Financial Translation

Economic and financial translation encompasses translation of texts in all areas of micro- and macroeconomics, finance, accounting and auditing, banking and insurance. Other topics dealt with in this category are financial markets, company and human resources management, business communication, stock exchange, etc. Some of the most common financial documents are: balance sheets, annual reports, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), bank and financial statements and many others.

Who needs economic and financial translation and why?

Economic and financial translation services are most often sought after by accounting firms, banks, consulting companies, international companies and businesses that are trying to attract new customers.

When you trade with foreign clients or partner with foreign companies, it is highly likely that you need to have certain financial or accounting documents translated. This ensures that all the varying work processes within your organisation run smoothly and that business communication is useful for all parties involved. In this sense, economic and financial translation creates new opportunities for you and your business.

If you need translation services for your economic, financial or accounting documents, Lynx Translations Ltd. would be delighted to help.

Why choose us?

We work closely with experienced linguists and experts in finance and economics who are well-versed in the various subjects of micro- and macroeconomics, finance, accounting, banking and insurance.

We use the latest QA and computer-aided translation tools, thus cutting the turnaround times and expenses necessary for the implementation of your translation project.

We work with translation memories and terminology management systems, which conduces to the terminological consistency of your translations.

We have a quality management system in place which ensures that our translation services meet the highest standards for the industry.

We take an individual approach to every client and project in order to live up to all your expectations and meet the specific requirements for your translation project.